Ridge Road

Minimalism meets luxury

Project Details

–     Details of Project
–     Framed kitchen with inset doors
–     Soft white and med grey hand-painted finish
–     Custom breakfast table attached to island

The Design team here was headed by the client and everything was her exact specification. The house is custom designed to showcase the treasures and artefacts the couple has picked up on their many international trips.

All the walls were at odd angels and nothing was symmetrical. The kitchen was closed off from the other living areas so she wanted to create an inviting cozy hub for the family and their frequent guests to gather and linger around. A small yet practical table was created off the big island to allow for a perch for people to sit but not get in the way of the cook.

When you don’t have a natural focal point; the trick is to create one…this was tricky in a room that had only a big view going for it. For extra flair the focal point is a wall of open shelves and a mirror over the farm sink that keeps the room feeling light and airy.

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